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Who knew there was one solution for many of the challenges small businesses face every day? Finding the right place to advertise to your market, increasing brand awareness, building website traffic, and capturing leads are concepts that could leave any business owner with a headache. Between handling financials, retaining your existing clients, and monitoring your competitors, who has time to understand Google Ads?

The concept of spending money on digital advertisement is still an area of marketing that small business owners have not fully grasped. Many business owners do not see the value of ad spending on Google. To have a well-rounded marketing campaign, you need a strategy and an allocated ad spend budget to see actual results. Ads in the digital world are almost guaranteed to fall into the right hands at the right moment with carefully implemented strategy & design.

1. Targeted

When paying for a billboard, you pay for exposure to thousands of people a day, hoping you will reach your customers. When using targeted ads, you are exclusively paying for customers in your specific market to view your ad. Targeting provides value to your customer because you make their buying experience seamless.

2. Cost-effective

Digital advertising is extremely cost-effective because you can oversee and manage the cost. When you set up your ads, you can specifically use the cost-per-click method. This method enables your marketer to expend your budget only if the lead engaged with the ad. At Anntoine, we have managed to drive our cost-per-click lower than the average standard for almost all of our clients.

3. Measurable

When you spend your money on traditional advertising, such as billboard and print ads, it can lead to some uncertainty and second-guessing. With digital advertising, for example Google, you know exactly how many people engaged with the ad, the reach and impressions. Analytics provide the numbers so you know how successful your ads performed.

Can you count the number of ads that have popped up on your feed lately? Now, can you remember how many gadgets you have collected because of those ads? You don’t have to tell us; we’ve all done our share of impulse buying. According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending will increase by 4.8% or $4.22 billion to $91.52 billion in 2020. The trajectory of ad spending in 2021 is projected to reach $112.09 billion. If ad spending is growing this rapidly- even during a pandemic-it may be wise to follow your competitors.

There are so many valuable reasons why digital advertising is worth the investment. The intricacies in properly implementing your digital ad strategy to match your business goals can be staggering.

Anntoine takes all that confusion out of the equation by creating a customized, well researched, digital plan for you. Make the change in your marketing strategy and watch your profit increase, and your stress decrease. For more information on how to implement a meaningful digital advertising strategy, contact us at 985–602–0600.

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