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Happy Valentine’s Day from Anntoine! We’re sharing the love for some of our favorite social media platforms and giving a few hints about getting noticed online — no matter what the algorithms throw at you!

Every time we think we have it figured out, from ordering pictures to hash tagging posts, they all throw something new at us. But we liked it the old way, didn’t we?

Well, like our relationships do over time, the algorithms change as well, and we should be happy with that. Yes, while it keeps us on our toes, it also keeps our competition on theirs as well. It also truly is the goal of the social media gods to keep people interested and engaged. And that’s good too.

Here are a few quick suggestions to get your pics noticed online.

Post a comment … a good one … a searchable one.

We love when our sweethearts leave little notes and tag us on their picture posts. So do your followers! Tell them what they can do with the product. Mention who can use it and post your variations. Does it come in 27 different colors? Is it going to save time, money or effort in general? Think about things people search. Remember that search engines still very much depend on the written word when determining what people “want” to see.

Post something different.

Really. How many pictures of people at their favorite restaurants are we going to see today? Our Facebook feeds are sure to be filled with bouquets of sickening red roses and heart-shaped boxes of candy with declarations of the best whatever of all time. But then you scroll down, and there you have it, it’s the hilarious picture that your goofy friend posts of herself and her man in an all out giggling food fight. That’s the one. She wins the Valentine’s Day best post award.

Hashtags are for real.

If you like it, then you better put a # on it. The search world has changed. People find you using the social media search boxes. They’re looking for you. They’re begging you to allow them to find you. And then they don’t because you didn’t put the social media sign on it. If you forgot, go back and do it now. Don’t let those posts get away!

When it comes down to winning in social media, it’s all about relevant content. It’s consumable and searchable. It’s current and valuable. And just like your relationship, you need to keep it fresh. We don’t suggest a food fight exactly (that’s messy), but a cool surprise never goes wrong.

Originally published at https://www.anntoine.com.



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