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Anntoine Marketing + Design is ready for Halloween

In the spirit of all things fun, yesterday, we had our first annual (if that’s even a thing) Halloween costume party. And since we’re in the business of doing things BIG, we invited the Mayor of Hammond to judge the contest! Two of our clients, In & Out Smart Repair and 4 Feet & a Heartbeat, also got caught up in the fun and lent a helping hand in judging. Go big or go home, right?

We had a variety of characters ranging from the obvious to the unknown.

The Mayor based his pick on three criteria: creativity, skill level, and time spent on the costume. It was close, and as you can see, we had some great costumes this year. But, in the end, the victors were the Trio of Trolls!

We can’t wait to dress up again next year!

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