Congratulations to our Spring Graduates — Adelina and Victoria!

Victoria Rocquin (left) and Adelina Ramirez (right) graduate from college

“Adelina is one of those people that you are instantly drawn to because of her welcoming spirit. I’m thrilled to have her on our team, and I’m very proud of all she’s accomplished already in life. We can’t wait to see where she grows with our company.” -Jessica Smith

Adelina hard at work in the Anntoine office

“Victoria is my go-to girl when it comes to getting the job done! One of my favorite things about running our agency is seeing our team grow and develop into the best version of themselves. Victoria is a doer, someone that is always thinking, planning, and in return, growing. She will do great things in this life and I wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors. “ -Jessica Smith

Victoria is graduating with an honor’s diploma in Communication with a concentration in Corporate Training and Development. After beginning graduate classes as a senior, she will continue her graduate career at Southeastern with the goal of earning a master’s degree in Strategic Communication.



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