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3 min readOct 29, 2021


Our Ads lead to web traffic, resulting in sales.

Incredible events don’t happen overnight. They’re the result of careful planning, strategic decisions, and intentional marketing. The Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow was an outstanding success, several years in the making. We’ve been strategically promoting the airshow for months as their official marketing partner of the Airshow. All of the little details we strategically created added up to make one incredible event: the 2021 Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow.

After the 2020 show was canceled due to COVID-19, we partnered with the HNRA to help promote the new show date in October of 2021. The result? Well, the numbers are yet to be released. However, judging by the incredible crowds in attendance, the huge response from the community, and the sheer volume of people who traveled to attend, it’s easy to say that the 2021 Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow is one for the books.

Anntoine team members at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow sponsor dinner.

Our marketing team starts every project by doing an extensive SWOT analysis and researching competitors, and the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow was no exception. We use this research to discern our target audience and discover the best route to promote our client. For the airshow, we crafted Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads that would catch users’ attention and make them want to learn more. We like to consider these to be “scroll-stopping” designs. We reached over 467K people and had 2 million impressions on Facebook alone, and garnered 4 million impressions on our Google Display Ads. Our average Cost Per Click was $0.38, compared to the industry average of $0.44.

Those ads encouraged viewers to visit the website for the Airshow, which then resulted in ticket sales. Here at Anntoine Marketing + Design, we always keep the end goal in mind. If our designs are stunning but don’t result in meeting the client’s goal, we’ve missed the mark. Because we keep our client’s end goal in focus through every step of the process, we consistently meet and exceed our client’s goals.

Anntoine team members with Mayor Pete Panepinto at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow.

Aside from event promotion beforehand, our team was out in full force at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow! We captured incredible video footage. We interviewed the best of the best. We maintained their social media presence. And most importantly, we started to prepare for the next airshow in October of 2023. All of that footage we captured and the interviews we ran will be used to start promoting the airshow again and keep our audience wanting more.

A billboard for the airshow reminds the community to purchase tickets.

We invite you to mark your calendar for October of 2023 and join us for the next Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow. In the meantime, we’d love to help you promote your business or your next big event. Reach out to our team today, we’re ready to make your project a success.



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