Lifestyle Change Changed His Life — Devone’s Health Story

In August 2020, Lead Web Developer for Anntoine Marketing + Design Devone Paul received health news that no one wants to hear: he had type 2 diabetes. As a result, he knew it was time to take control of his health through a lifestyle change. Since August, he’s lost over 50 pounds and changed his health for the better. Devone shared his experience with us and several tips to get healthy by changing your lifestyle.

“Finding out I had poor health from a doctor, specifically type 2 diabetes, in August of last year triggered the health change,” Devone said. “I’m a numbers guy; I like data and numbers, which makes sense because I build websites.”

“Once I saw the numbers were wrong, I started tracking my food and what I eat and building a new lifestyle of eating around that.”

The most significant change for Devone in the way he ate was switching to a low-carb diet and tracking his food intake’s macro nutritional levels. He strives to eat 20% carbs, 40% fat, and 40% protein. It’s a similar meal plan to keto, but not quite as low-carb. He also does a low-calorie diet, sticking to around 1000 calories a day.

Devone Paul at Anntoine Marketing + Design

“I do a very low amount of calories a day; it’s around 1000. I track all my food with an app, MyFitnessPal, and I got a Fitbit for Christmas as a gift, and it labels a deficit when you burn more calories than you consume. Today I burned 400 calories walking, so I’ll add a few things to my meal plan for the day.”

While Devone has a weight goal he would like to reach; his lifestyle change was the most significant factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Instead of focusing on weight, he focuses on eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Eating healthy causes you to lose weight. I do have a weight goal, but the goal was to fix my blood sugar, cholesterol, and all the stuff the doctor said was wrong. If I lose weight, that’s great, but I’m focusing on health.”

Devone completely transformed his health and his life by making intentional decisions.

Here are his Top Three Tips for Health!

Top three tips for Health

Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.

“Whether it’s weight-based, health-based, or what have you, find out not what diet, but what lifestyle will help with that. Whether it’s low-carb keto, paleo, or whatever you’re trying to do. Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist, and do the research.”

Track everything you eat.

“It doesn’t work for everyone, but as a number person, that’s the thing that helped me. Our printer, Mele, came in yesterday and brought us cookies. But before I ate it, I checked my sugar to see if I could have it for today, and I couldn’t, so I didn’t.”

Devone recommends the app MyFitnessPal, a free app you can use to track calories and food you eat. By knowing what you eat, you can set health goals and make informed decisions.

Eating Over Exercising

“I wasn’t exercising at all at first. I started a routine, and it quickly fell off. I lost 50 pounds since August without really exercising, just eating healthy. Eating is more important. If you get your eating under control, you will lose weight. Eating healthy is the first thing. It’s the harder thing for some people.”

“What you eat is more important than exercise. Someone recently told me, ‘you can’t outrun your fork.’”

“Recently, I’ve started to go on daily walks for at least 20 minutes, but I haven’t done the gym or anything more intense yet. It was all healthy eating based.”

By knowing what he was trying to accomplish, tracking what he ate, and incorporating general healthy decisions into his life, Devone created a lifestyle that worked for him and transformed his health. Today, his numbers are great, and he is no longer considered diabetic or prediabetic.



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