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Printing materials for a client
Printing materials for a client

As a design agency, we hear it all the time. Print is dead.

A lot of what we do is print (think: business cards, brochures, catalogs, etc.) So this can’t be true…can it?


This one simple question got us thinking — WHY exactly, does everyone think that? Is it because more and more people read the news on their phone now? Is it because digital brochures exist? We get it because we also are firm believers in online marketing.

But, as our technology evolves, we are actually able to produce more innovative print pieces. You didn’t think the digital world and the print world ran the same course, did you?

Take, for example, Jukebox Print’s 3D Embossed Business Cards or Seeded Business Cards. How beautiful are those business cards?! (We aren’t going to lie, if we got one of those cards, we wouldn’t forget about it or throw it away.)

Hospitals are now able to give out visitor passes with migrating ink technologies that notify staff members of its expiration. Mind blown.

These NFC Business Cards+ by MOO have a chip embedded in them so that your client can interact with your website — instantly going to a curated music playlist. It can be updated to change the chip’s action in real-time with analytics to back it up, so you know HOW and WHEN your clients have interacted with it.

There are also entire graphic design conferences dedicated to showcasing what’s new in print. Our team had the opportunity to go CROP BR this year. While mixing and mingling with other creatives is ALWAYS a good time, we were most excited to learn about new and innovative processes (and in the case of the letterpress, taking something old and making it work for today’s businesses.)

At Anntoine, we don’t believe that print is dead. When our clients come to us needing a business card, for example, it’s never an ordinary, template design. Take for example Swampland Leather Co featuring Raised Spot UV with Velvet Lamination to further drive home that alligator leather texture right in the card.

swampland business caard
Swampland business card

It’s not that print is dead, it’s that the OLD processes are. Your print has to have higher functions to better differentiate your brand, connect to your fans, and engage with your customers. If you are ready to take your branding to the next level, that is precisely where we come in.

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