Tangipahoa Chamber of Commerce Rebranding

Chamber logo

The Hammond Chamber of Commerce recently rebranded to the Tangipahoa Chamber. After 70 strong years, their new logo is built for the future.

Anntoine Marketing + Design worked with The Tangipahoa Chamber to craft a new brand with an innovative logo that would represent all of Tangipahoa. The Hammond Chamber of Commerce has been steadily growing and wanted to represent that growth with a new brand that would represent all the cities and businesses they work with, over 640 local businesses. It was time for a name change — The Hammond Chamber is now the Tangipahoa Chamber of Commerce. The new logo portrays some important features of Tangipahoa, while focusing on the future with a modern and innovative logo.

Chamber members getting ready for a ribbon cutting

The most prominent feature that catches the viewer's eye first is the red ribbon holding the text. The Tangipahoa Chamber hosts ribbon-cutting events to prompts new local businesses. They’re committed to economic development, and the ribbon captures the essence of this concept.

The circle of the logo has three levels, each holding important features of Tangi and displaying memorable and significant colors.

The outer black ring represents the interstates crossing the parish, bringing tourists, shoppers, and more to our cities. Black is a strong color, it represents the strength of the chamber, and its members while providing a unifying aspect to the design.

The railroad is a central feature of Tangipahoa, as the railway has traditionally helped the economic development of the region. It’s red to tie into the growing concept of the red ribbon and represent the passion, action, and energy of the chamber members.

The teal, waving circle symbolizes the Tangipahoa River. Teal is welcoming, innovative, and renewing — perfect for a rebranding. It brings some fun and youth to the design. The Tangipahoa Chamber actively works with young professionals through mentorship and networking programs, and the teal represents those members well.

New logo on members shirts

Education is crucial for any thriving area, so the local schools are represented through an oak leaf. The leaf symbolizes Southeastern Louisiana University’s Friendship Oak. Schools help attract businesses and families to Tangipahoa, making the community and economy stronger and healthier.

Anntoine Marketing + Design’s team loves our Hammond and Tangipahoa community and was thrilled to work on a rebranding project that represents the people of Tangipahoa so well. If you’re interested in partnering with Anntoine Marketing + Design to create a logo or rebrand your company, reach out to us today!



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