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I think we can all agree that social media marketing seems necessary in this day and age, right? Social media is where the largest percentage of most target audiences consume media, and it’s the most trackable way to measure advertising success.

One perk that comes with using social media as a marketing tactic is that you don’t have to treat it like traditional advertising. You want to remain professional, of course, but you should also have fun and let your brand personality shine.

Understanding how to stand out in a world of “advertising overload” can be difficult at times, but here are a few steps to help:

Step 1 — Let your creative juices flow

Step 2 — Always consider why people use social media

Be interesting. Get creative. Engage your audience consistently. Tell your story. Show off your brand personality. Be inviting. With compelling content that represents the heart of your brand, you will capture your audience’s attention and stand out from the competition.

Step 3 — Don’t post just for the sake of posting

Balance is key. Memes and gifs add personality but don’t let that be ALL you post. A diversified feed will get you the results you’re looking for in time.

Step 4 — Ask and you will receive

Step 5 — Evaluate your work (and learn from it)

Social media is a great marketing tool when you know how to use it. Now go — start making some inspiring new content!

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