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1. Think about who is going to read or hear your message.

How do you want them to feel? Does your message resonate with the audience and allow them to feel this way? Empathize with your audience. Match the tone to your audience and consider their environment and unique situations.

2. Determine the purpose of your message.

Marketing during a crisis is not about helping yourself, it’s about supporting your audience. What do you want your audience to gather from your message? Are you conveying this message to provide essential resources and positivity or to promote yourself? Don’t allow yourself to unintentionally fall to the latter.

3. Think of your company’s tone as its personality.

Don’t get caught up in the social media trends that don’t properly display your brand. If your brand is typically humorous, consider shifting to a more uplifting and helpful tone during this difficult period. This is an excellent time to show that your brand is well-rounded and not tone-deaf.

4. Play the Devil’s Advocate

Take a step back from the defense of your message and ask yourself: Is there room for the intended message to be misinterpreted? The answer is always “YES.” This is why we began this blog with,



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