Welcoming Dusty Cooper — Videographer and Photographer

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2 min readMay 24, 2021


Dusty Cooper-Videographer

Anntoine Marketing + Design is always looking for ways to make the best content possible for our clients. We recently recruited Dusty Cooper as our new videographer and photographer. He consistently captures a brand’s vision, story, and culture through incredible content. We are thrilled to add his expertise and creativity to our crew!

Part of what makes Dusty so special is his constant commitment to ingenuity and seeking new inspiration. He never wants to take the same shot twice and wants each project to be unique, special, and incredible. He brings this vision to our clients, making each client video project both visually stunning and 100% unique to their brand.

Right when Dusty joined the team, he hit the ground running! In his first week, he made a wonderful video of our team putting out pinwheels for CASA. Check it out here!

Anntoine CASA Video

“I applied to Anntoine because I admired the quality of work the team produces, and I accepted the position because of the people and atmosphere, but I absolutely love the opportunity to apply my array of creative skills to produce videos and capture photos for a variety of interesting clients from a wide range of industries.”

-Dusty Cooper

Dusty comes to us with extensive experience in a variety of creative backgrounds. He earned a Master of Arts, Creative Writing and Literature degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, where he also taught for three years. He has been a photographer and videographer for 25 years now, exploring what it means to capture portraits and videos that tell a story and convey a vision.

Jessica Smith, Co-founder of Anntoine Marketing + Design, is excited about Dusty joining the team and the creative vision he brings.

“When determining if someone would be a good fit for the Anntoine Marketing + Design team I look not at their work first but at who they are as a person. Are they kind, a team player, someone who has a work history and is committed to growing and learning? Dusty has a beautiful portfolio of work and incredible experience but he got the job because he’s truly kind. Anyone can learn how to do the job, it’s a lot harder to train someone on kindness.”

-Jessica Smith Co-Founder

Dusty works with the entire Anntoine Marketing + Design Team to express our clients’ stories, missions, dreams, and visions. At Anntoine, we are committed to telling your story and engaging your community. If you’re interested in working with us, reach out today to learn more.



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