Welcoming Jenny Steelman

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2 min readJul 27, 2021
Jenny Steelman

Here at Anntoine Marketing + Design, we’re intentional in everything we do. We have an eye for details, from the smallest caption to the largest videography project or website design.

When we bring in new team members, we strive to search for individuals who can enhance their department and bring additional creativity to our company. With this goal in mind, Jenny was the perfect fit to join our marketing department. We’re thrilled to welcome Jenny Steelman to the team as an Assistant Brand Manager!

Jenny comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee, where she worked as the Director of Marketing at Corkdorks Wine Spirits Beer. Part of her responsibilities included planning two annual festivals, and we’re excited for the event planning expertise she brings to the team! She always knows the perfect wine pairing for every cheese, and our team is anticipating the fun team building and community events she will help coordinate!

“I’m excited to join the fantastic team at Anntoine and look forward to sharing what I bring to the table with our local clients.” -Jenny Steelman

Jenny loves to connect with others, making her a great fit for connecting with our clients and community. Before Jenny lived in Nashville, she lived in several other locations across the south, including Laurel, Mississippi. Because she’s so well-traveled, she has a knack for making anyone from anywhere feel at home.

A fun fact about Jenny is that she has extensive sales experience — she’s sold everything from shoes to real estate! She worked for ten years as a sales manager in specialty retail, working with management, development, and recruitment. Jenny may be an expert at sales, but her passion is helping others grow. Jenny has volunteered with several churches’ youth, young adult, and couples ministries. Her passion for helping others grow also applies to the clients she works with here at Anntoine Marketing + Design.

Connecting our clients to their audience through engaging marketing, design, advertising, and videography is our passion, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goals and grow your business. If you’re interested in working with us, reach out today to learn more.



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