Anntoine + The Tangipahoa Chamber

Tangipahoa Chamber Board of Directors

Anntoine Marketing + Design is always looking for ways to be involved in the community we love — Hammond, America. This year, our Co-Founder Jessica Smith is serving our community in a new way by joining the Board of Directors for the Tangipahoa Chamber of Commerce. Jessica will be impacting our community by helping fulfill the mission of the Tangipahoa Chamber — to be the leader of and catalyst for strategies and services, which promote economic vitality throughout Tangipahoa Parish.

“Being on the Tangipahoa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors gives me an opportunity to learn from some of our top business leaders in our community. My hope is that together we can all make a difference while serving our community and local Tangi businesses.“ — Jessica Smith

Anntoine team at the Luncheon

Several of our team members attended the annual luncheon at Southeastern Louisiana University to support Jessica at her induction. Our team also recently created all new branding for the Hammond Chamber of Commerce as they rebranded to the Tangipahoa Chamber of Commerce. It was wonderful for our staff to get to see the new branding all over the Ballroom at the luncheon!

In rebranding the chamber, we created a new logo that captures all of Tangipahoa parish. Each detail was intentionally designed to capture the many things that make Tangipahoa unique. From the winding river to the red ribbon symbolizing the Tangipahoa Chamber’s commitment to business development, the new logo perfectly represents the Chamber and the parish. Read more about it here!

New Logo on members shirts

The Chamber impacts Tangipahoa in a variety of ways, which is partly done through committees focused on impacting various areas of the parish. These include the Ambassador, Governmental Affairs, Education, Small Business, Chillin’ with the Chamber, and Young Professional Committee.

We are proud of Jessica and excited to see the work that she does alongside her fellow members of the board of directors this year!




We offer a multitude of marketing and design services to help your business become notices, engaged, and profitable.

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Anntoine Marketing + Design

Anntoine Marketing + Design

We offer a multitude of marketing and design services to help your business become notices, engaged, and profitable.

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